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WAX Blockchain Transition Tutorial

EarnBet is moving to the WAX blockchain! This post explains what you need to do to make the transition.

EarnBet > WAX Transition

We designed our move to WAX to be as simple as possible for our users. This tutorial will guide you through the steps.

For EarnBet Account users:

There’s nothing you need to do! Simply head to EarnBet.io and all your token balances will show up.

For EOS accounts: 

All EOS account holders of BET token (and our BTC, LTC, ETH, and BCH 1:1 pegged betting tokens) have been created free accounts on WAX. Their accounts have also been staked with enough resources to make some transactions on the WAX blockchain (1 WAX for CPU, and 0.05 WAX for NET), as well as RAM to interact with our dApp and claim dividends.

Once on the WAX chain you will be able to bet as normal and have drastically cheaper CPU costs. Here are the three steps you needed:

1. Open Scatter and go to the “Networks” tab. As an EOS user, the EOS network will be enabled for you. Please also enable the WAX network as well.

2. Then, toggle to the “Wallet” tab. Find the EOS account that held your BET tokens. A WAX account has been created with this same public key, which now holds your BET tokens (or pegged betting tokens). In this tutorial, we are converting an EOS account named “dudedudedude”. Click “Refresh Accounts” under the small menu for that private key.

3. The account that was created will now appear with the subtitle “WAX Blockchain”! Accounts were created with a randomized .earn suffix, so your account will look something like xcfn.earn. All users will have different account names for their newly created WAX accounts.

That’s it! You can now navigate to EarnBet.io, play your favorite games, and claim your BET token dividends using your new WAX account. As soon as you login with Scatter on EarnBet.io, it will automatically know the blockchain you are on. Although WAX transactions are extremely cheap, we always recommend using an EarnBet account to ensure unlimited and unrestricted betting without ever having to manage resources.

For EOS accounts that only want to use the EOS mainnet

EOSBet.io has been brought back for this small group of users intent on using the EOS blockchain. However, these users will not receive BET tokens for their betting activity. Dividends from their BET balance will continue to accrue on the WAX blockchain and will remain claimable if the user decides to migrate over.

We are extremely excited for our move to the WAX blockchain. WAX transactions are much cheaper than EOS transactions, and our dApp can now support 100x the betting volume. 

We are confident that our recent moves will allow us to massively scale EarnBet.io and enable us to become a large player in the online gambling market. 


Team EarnBet


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