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Lucky Friday

EarnBet Casino
This time we have some exciting prizes that will help you keep your coins safe, play games on the go, and share the word about EarnBet.


Winner 1Samsung Galaxy S20
Winner 2A Ledger Nano X
Winner 3A $50 gift card for EarnBet Merchandise on the new EarnBet Store

How to enter:

Participation periodParticipation period: Oct 2 00:00 (UTC) – Oct 15 23:59 (UTC)
Step 1Follow us on Twitter and like or retweet this Tweet
Step 2Join our Telegram Group
Step 3All bets made above 10 cents are a ticket to win

Wager at least $100 worth in any coin on any EarnBet game during the giveaway.

On Friday, October 16st, three lucky bets will be randomly selected and the accounts of those bets will be announced via our official social media. The winners then have two weeks to contact one of our admins and claim their prize. If the prize is unclaimed after two weeks, the prize(s) will transfer to the next Lucky Friday, resulting in double the prizes for the next event.

Sign Up Bonus

EarnBet 50$ bonus
This long running promotion will give everyone that follows 3 steps while signing up for a free account 50$ in BTC for FREE:

  1. Create a free account on Make sure you keep your passphrase safe!
  2. Deposit at least $100 USD to your account as in any currency we accept. Multiple deposits count towards the total amount of $100.
  3. Start betting! We have an easy 50x roll over requirement on this $100 deposit (167x for Blackjack), and then the $50 Bitcoin is yours to keep. There are no restrictions on this $50 Bitcoin when it’s in your account, so withdraw it instantly, or keep playing and try to double your stack.
You can check the status of this promotion for your account by clicking on the “$50 FREE Bitcoin” sign on the right side of your screen. It will show you a progress bar and all the requirements of the promotion.

Weekly Leaderboard

EarnBet Weekly Leaderboard

Every week EarnBet gives away $5000 dollars in prize money! Come and join the weekly leaderboard ranking. The more you bet, the higher your rank, the bigger the prize.

Participating is very easy: For every $1 USD wagered on any game, you will receive 1 point on our leaderboard. The more you wager, the more you will win. The top 50 bettors by volume will all be receiving prizes.

To get started, register your free account at and just start playing.

A new week starts every Tuesday at 14:00 UTC. Good luck and Have fun!

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