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EarnBet’s First Dividend Payday!

EarnBet June & July 2020 Big Monthly Payout

In 2018, EarnBet pioneered the dividend token model and economic incentive system of “token mining”. To date, over $4,500,000 USD in dividends have been paid to BET holders!

Following our hugely-popular release of staking, we will be holding our first Big Monthly Payout on August 3rd for over $115,000! We will continue these Payouts on the first business day of each month. Unlike other staking coins, these payments are in BTC, ETH, and other top cryptocurrencies that are accepted on EarnBet. Unlike other platforms, 100% of our profits (50% of casino revenue) is paid to BET stakers each month.

In addition, stakers of the BET token will be entitled to extra perks, like massively improved betting odds. EarnBet is 100% decentralized through on-chain smart contracts that allow users to be able to securely deposit, withdraw, play games and collect dividends. EarnBet accounts are entirely non-custodial, this means the private key and funds remain solely owned by the end-user. All game operations, dividend accumulation, and distribution are processed via smart contracts in a fully decentralized and trustless fashion. 

We pride ourselves on being 100% decentralized and fair to our gamblers. Eager investors love our dividend token, that pays each month in BTC, ETH, and other top cryptocurrencies. With every wager you place on EarnBet, you will receive BET tokens, and can join in these massive payouts each month.

Come join in this massive $115,000 dividend payout, only on EarnBet.io!


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