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EarnBet Year End Report

This is the EarnBet 2019 year summary.

EarnBet Happy new year

Dear EarnBet Community,

Thank you all for your support over the last year. At the end of our first full calendar year in business, we would like to give thanks to our community, recap our progress over the last year, and give some insight into our future plans.

During the year, we have successfully launched acceptance of BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, BNB, and XRP on EarnBet. Users can now place wagers in all the popular altcoins, with more to come! Coupled with our decentralized account system, we can confidently say that we have an easier user-onboarding process than any decentralized application on the market.

We have also launched three additional games to compliment our ever-popular Dice game. We now offer Crash, Baccarat and Hilo, as well as a jackpot mini-game with the grand prize sitting over $11,000 (We also had our first jackpot winner who received over $20,000!) Blackjack will be launched in January of 2020.

We rebranded ourselves as EarnBet in order to better align with our vision of providing a fully decentralized and fair gambling experience to all blockchain users, not just users of the EOS blockchain.

At the end of November, we successfully released and launched EarnBet 3.0. In doing so, we left the EOS mainnet blockchain and moved the platform to the WAX blockchain.

In November, the EOS blockchain suffered a major Denial of Service attack. Since EarnBet is a completely decentralized casino, every single bet and action players take on the casino is processed by our decentralized smart contracts. This denial of service attack severely limited how many bettors could be playing at once on EarnBet.io.

Moving to the WAX blockchain proved to be a great decision. We’ve seen an influx of daily users and volume after this transition.  During the month of December, we have had over 2x the volume and 5x the bets placed each day compared to the month of November.

If you are a BET token holder, please read this article in order to regain access to your BET tokens and claim dividends on the WAX blockchain.

We also relaunched EOSBet.io, allowing anyone who wants to bet using an EOS account to play. Anyone who wants to enjoy CPU-free betting or altcoin betting can play at EarnBet.io!

Over the last year, we have distributed $2,295,999.77 to BET token holders at current market rates. This is equal to $0.02609 per BET token, or a 79.66% ROI over this year, given the current market rate (30-12-2019) of $0.03275 on Binance DEX.

The breakdown by currency is as follows:

  • 17.0182 BTC
  • 788,895 EOS
  • 239.76 ETH
  • 495.43 LTC
  • 22.52 BNB
  • 4,244 XRP
  • 2.78 BCH
  • 13,848 WAX

Future Plans

As 2020 approaches, we are confident that it will be our biggest year yet. We have a lot of plans  that we are excited to share with the community as the dates get closer. Our goal is not to be a mildly popular decentralized app. We are looking to disrupt and revolutionize the online gambling industry, with dreams of more transparency, fairness, and profit-sharing for our players.

Thanks again to our community for your support. We truly wouldn’t be here without you and our BET token holders. We are excited for what the future holds, both for EarnBet and for the cryptocurrency space in general. Here’s to a successful 2020!

Best Wishes,
The EarnBet Team


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