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EarnBet Launches ‘Welcome to 2021’ Promotion!

As good (and bad) as 2020 has been, we are very pleased with our progress this year. A full end-of-the-year recap is coming soon.

EarnBet 2021 Promotion

To celebrate the new year, we are starting a big promotion as of Tuesday, January the 5th. We will add an extra reward to the leaderboard, increasing the prizes players can win by being in the top 50.

The promotion

In order to participate in the promotion, you only have to play like normal on any of the EarnBet Games. So, everyone automatically participates. The rules, like the current leaderboard, will be the same. Wagering $1 will earn you 1 point on the leaderboard. The more points you have, the bigger your prize. The Welcome to 2021 Leaderboard Promotion will last a total of 8 weeks with increasing prizes as we go. The leaderboard prizes are:

Week 1: $2000 WAX
Week 2: $2000 EOS
Week 3: $2000 TRX
Week 4: $2000 LINK + an extra $1000 LINK for the #1

Week 1: $3000 XRP
Week 2: $3000 BTC
Week 3: $3000 ETH
Week 4: $3000 USDT + an extra $1000 USDT for the #1

We hope everyone will enjoy this promotion going into the new year and have some fun, especially during these times where many have to stay at home. We wish everyone well and a happy new year! We’ll be back soon with our end of the year recap for 2020 and a small teaser of what’s to soon come!

The EarnBet team.


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