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EarnBet Launches First Phase of New Token Mining Program

New EarnBet Token Mining Program

It’s been a great past few weeks for EarnBet! This week, we’ve seen near all time highs in volume, new user sign-ups and token price after our Uniswap listing. 

As a thank you to our players, both old and new, we will be launching a generous new BET token mining program. Phase 0 will be this starting this week, featuring a massive BET bonus on all wagers. More details about the distribution schedule for the remaining but will be released in the coming weeks.

For the next two weeks, play any of our games and receive an approximately 20% rakeback in BET tokens! If you have enough tokens staked and receive a reduced house edge, this rakeback percentage is even bigger!

The Phase 0 mining rates can be found in the table below. For example, if you wager 4000 LINK you will receive 1,000 BET tokens.

EarnBet BET Token Mining Rates (aug-sep)

We will also continue distributing $5,000 worth of BET tokens each week to our Top 50 bettors.

EarnBet Weekly Leaderboard

These mining rates are the best they’ll ever be and will only be in effect for two weeks, so get on it! More information about the distribution of the remaining uncirculating BET tokens is in the works.


The EarnBet Team


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