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EarnBet Community Update

EarnBet Community Update April 2021

Happy Spring, EarnBettors! We’re back with some updates for the community.

Last month after a lot of consideration, we decided to pause operations on our new brand BeTheHouse. This project and the economic model behind were not well-received from many within the community, and it was determined that resources could be better spent elsewhere.

Therefore, we’ll be refocusing our attention solely on EarnBet, our flagship platform. We’ll be doubling-down on our commitment to transparent, provably fair, entertaining betting experiences.

Since 2018, we’ve grown EarnBet (formerly EOSBet) into the premier decentralized online casino and the fun has just begun! The platform is now established enough to where we see a healthy influx of players who come across the site organically. Nonetheless, we’re in the process of expanding our team so we can continue growing our marketing and operations, improve the site experience, and run more frequent and unique promotions.

We have also increased our outreach and business development efforts as of recently and have an exciting partnership lined up for Q2 of this year. Additionally, EarnBet was recently named the Best Gambling Dapp in the 2021 Blockchain Casino Awards, a recognition we’re proud of.

Lastly, we are actively researching ways we can further involve the BET community in strategy decisions and even development.

Early Unstake

The BET token buyback will continue as before, while we actively strategize the best direction for the BET token. We want to get BET into the hands of those who are most excited about the project and also allow those who wish to exit a method to unstake. We recently launched our Emergency Unstake feature, which allows users to unstake for a fee, whereby BET is burnt.

The fee structure is 2% of total BET to be unstaked per week of stake time remaining for up to 60% total. However, we will be reducing these rates in half for the next 7 days (1% of total BET to be unstaked per week up to 30% total). This will start today at 21:00 UTC. This discount will not be visible on the front-end as it’s only applied to the back-end.

Leaderboard Promotion

As you’ve probably seen on the site, we’re now in Week 2 of another big leaderboard promotion! We’ll be giving away to following rewards to players: 

Week 1: $2000 BTC + 10,000 BET
Week 2: $2000 ETH + 10,000 BET
Week 3: $2000 LINK + 10,000 BET
Week 4: $3000 USDT + $1000 extra for the #1 on the LB + 10,000 BET
Week 5: 10,000 BET

This cycle will continue for the foreseeable future.
Head over to https://earnbet.io to get in on the leaderboard action!

Thanks for reading,
The EarnBet Team


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