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EarnBet Community Update – July 22, 2020


Dear EarnBet Community, 

We hope everyone has been staying safe out there. The team has been heads down at work over the past few months improving our technology, releasing new features, and working on new marketing initiatives. Here’s a taste of what we’ve been working on and what’s to come. 

Currency Server Overhaul

Our Development Team has worked tirelessly for months on a complete overhaul to our Currency Server system. This is our system that accepts deposits and processes withdrawals and this is a very important gateway to EarnBet and a critical foundation of the entire system.

You can now expect: 

  • Improved reliability and stability of the system, including better error handling and support diagnostic tools 
  • Smoother, faster deposits and withdrawals
  • The ability to send ETH from smart contracts
  • Improved support
  • Use of more efficient SegWit for BTC and LTC addresses
  • Ability to accept all ERC20 tokens (two new releases coming soon)

Many of these changes will improve functionality behind-the-scenes, but one important thing users should do is to use your new addresses on your next deposit. 

If you have an old deposit address saved on your exchange account or other wallet, please update it to the new one on your account. This will ensure that your deposits are processed much faster and that if there is an issue our support team can assist you much more efficiently.  


In June, we hired a new Senior Marketing Manager to oversee our expanding marketing operations. We have established a new EarnBet Ambassador program that is showing successful early results in its private beta phase. 

On the advertising front, we have begun marketing campaigns on CoinGecko and Coinzilla, and will soon begin marketing on CoinMarketCap as well. We have been in touch with the Brave team about becoming an advertiser and are waiting to hear back from their legal team about the possibility of working together. 

The team has also begun publishing more content, such as this piece that was recently published in Hackernoon. 

Lastly, we are planning larger marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness in the communities whose coins are soon to be accepted on the platform.

Staking Statistics

The EarnBet Staking Program has been extremely popular, exceeding our team’s expectations. We have seen a myriad of new players purchasing tokens off of Binance DEX or working to gain BET tokens from our leaderboard promotions. 

86% of all tokens that are possible to stake are currently staked. A whopping 84% of staked tokens have been staked for 5 years. 

At the time of writing, the dividend pool is over $80,000, with the first payout happening in 12 days (August 3rd). 

Looking Ahead

We are moving closer towards the acceptance of two new coins, one of which we have hinted at before. The marketing team is planning a number of influencer campaigns, promotions (and hopefully, partnerships), surrounding these releases. On the tech front, we will also be working on adding additional data points to the BET Token statistics page, automating leaderboard payouts, and making a series of UI/UX improvements. 

Bright times ahead for the project! Thanks for your continued support in making us one of the most used dapps on any blockchain. 


Team EarnBet


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