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Blackjack Beta release, betting competition, and more!

To start this year, EarnBet has given a few big updates, including the BETA release of our long awaited BlackJack, as well as an enhancement to our dice game.

BlackJack Dice Update

Blackjack BETA release

After a lot of work, we are excited to release our blackjack game on both EarnBet.io and EOSBet.io! This is the first fully decentralized blackjack game, never before seen in the dapp space. All actions and bets are on-chain and verified by our smart contracts. We invite players from both EarnBet and EOSBet to test our blackjack game. Again, please note that the game is in beta, and subject to change. When we are confident that all bugs have been fixed, we will be ending the beta, and launching a huge promotion!

Dice now has a roll over feature

We’ve also launched a big enhancement to dice. Dice is our oldest game, and the game that started the blockchain gambling craze! Dice now has a roll over feature, which is quite simple. You can now choose a number, and instead of rolling under the number to win, you can now roll over as well. Dice fans can now root for high rolls, and players who always seem to roll a 99, this feature is for you!


We now accept BNB (Binance Chain Token) for betting on EarnBet! This is a great addition to our platform, as deposits are lightning fast, with confirmations in under 10 seconds. You can now deposit and get into the action almost instantly. The minimum bet is 0.0005 BNB, and the maximum win is a huge 150 BNB on each bet!

To celebrate, we’ve launched another betting competition. The rules are simple, for every $1 USD you wager, you will receive 1 point. The bettor with the most points will win the grand prize of 50 BNB and 20,000 BET tokens, with prizes given to our top 15 bettors! This competition will last 7 days and has just started so go to EarnBet.io and place your bets!

Thank you all for your support throughout 2019. We are excited to start 2020 with some big new releases, and there is much more to come this year.

Team EarnBet


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