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BET Token Buyback Update

BET Token Buyback

The Buyback

Last month we started the BET buyback program and bought a staggering 1,577,517 BET off the market. We did not stop there! The buybacks will continue to be conducted periodically (but randomly! And without announcement). Most of the transactions took place on Uniswap.

As of the date of this article, we have bought another 1,122,177 BET (~$112,279) back from the market, with total BET buybacks now totaling 2,699,694 BET (~$270,117).

More BET token stats can be monitored at EarnBet.io/BET.

The $22k Giveaway

If all of that hasn’t caught your attention, we’re giving EarnBet players the chance to share a portion of a $22,000 promotion pot that gets distributed to weekly leaderboard winners. All you have to do is play. Wagering $1 gets you points and increases your leaderboard position (and reward). The promotion will only run for another 2 weeks, so get in while you can.

Players that climb the star-studded top 50 leaderboard will see their prizes grow with every level achieved – and this time around, you can claim a stake in $3000 of ETH. To get full details on the promotion, take a look at our dedicated $22k Giveaway blog post.

The Big Release

Looking at our current progress, we are still on track for a big release in Q1 2021. Our team has been working very hard to create something of value for BET token holders and we think everyone will like it! We are very excited to show off our work, but you’ll have to wait just a little longer.

In case you have missed it, here are some of the teasers we’ve dropped so far:

Even though not every teaser will be live at launch, it will be a big release nonetheless and you’ll have something more to look out for.


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