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2020 Year in Review

Well, what a year. After a wild end to 2019, with EarnBet racing to keep up with scalability demands and transitioning to the WAX Blockchain, 2020 rolled around.

EarnBet 2020 Year in Review

Despite 2020’s reputation for change and uncertainty, the EarnBet team has been working hard from all corners of the globe and it has been a superb year for the platform, token holders and players. This has been bolstered by some impressive coverage and token price runs for blockchain and cryptocurrencies in general, which is always exciting to watch unfold!

Below you can see for yourself just how much EarnBet.io has achieved in 2020, of which players and token holders like you have been a crucial part. You’ll also find info on an exciting new phase for the BET Gaming Network at the very bottom, as we look to continue our lucky 2020 streak straight into an awesome early 2021 launch.

The Big Numbers

It’s crazy to think that January 2020 was our first full month operating on the WAX blockchain and offering betting in coins other than EOS. These were somewhat controversial decisions at the time, but our growth over the past year has been validating. We’ve seen significant usage in our new coins and WAX has proven to be the scalable and performant infrastructure we hoped it would be.

In 2020 we have increased the big numbers we had already gained over 2019. Let’s dive into some numbers:


Here are some fun stats from just 2020:

Total wagers made (all games)Over 21 million bets placed
Highest wagerOver $138,400 (in EOS)
Dice 1% win chance wins7147 wins
Highest Crash multiplier winWinning 994x the wager


2020 saw some important changes to the dividend model, including using a portion of funds for a BET token buy back. We expect these changes to lead to positive price appreciation for BET throughout 2021.

As of the start of 2021, we have paid BET holders just short of 10 million US Dollars total in dividends.

Looking at the total dividends throughout the years:

BET Token Dividends
Cumulative EarnBet Dividends


Adding Blackjack

Blackjack is one of those games that casino players love and so it was a top priority that we add it to our platforms ASAP. What made this all the more important is that in January, not only did we do this, but we also created the very first decentralized version of the game, with all actions and bets being on-chain and verified by smart contracts.

Integrating FUN Tokens

February was about our team focussing on pushing the gaming experience further, and one fun addition was the introduction of FUN tokens. This valueless coin gives you, the player, a perfect way to practice games and figure out which buttons do what before playing with real funds.

Every new player that signs up gets 1000 FUN tokens to start practising with and once they start playing with real funds and use your referral link, you get 0.1% of their bets for as long as they play.

Launching the Staking System

Double the dividends – we didn’t need to say more. We’re always looking for ways to give players and BET token holders added value and staking has proven to be a winner. For those players who are new to it, BET staking gives you:

  • A reduced house edge on our games (down to an incredible low 0.5%)
  • A share of dividend rewards
  • Additional perks across the BET Gaming Network

Server Overhaul Bringing SegWit, ERC20 and Faster Withdrawals

The Currency Server system is a key piece of the EarnBet platform and we were excited to launch a complete overhaul in July that brought far greater functionality for players. One of the core changes – faster deposits and withdrawals – meant that the EarnBet community could play with even more freedom than before.

Partnering with Chainlink

As a decentralized platform, keeping true to this ethos at all times is incredibly important to us. Our partnership with Chainlink in August means that we can soon access off-chain data and can easily integrate new sources to support features, such as real-time sports data and prediction market feeds.

We see a bright future for EarnBet and Chainlink working together as it gives our platform so much potential to keep developing and providing players with more great games.

Featuring on Uniswap

Uniswap has helped propel DeFi to new heights and seeing BET tokens featured was an exciting moment for everyone here. We jumped on the DeFi bandwagon when the BET token was listed in August, offering players and investors a way to quickly buy and sell tokens right from their Ethereum wallets. The ETH-BET pair has around $150,000 of liquidity and growing!

We launched a conversion bridge between BET on Binance Chain, BET on WAX chain (where our smart contracts are), and BET on Ethereum as an ERC20 token. In effect, BET is now a Binance Chain token, WAX token, and ERC20 token. All of these different BET tokens have a 1:1 peg with each other, accessible via our interface on EarnBet.io.

The First Provably-fair Vote

Decentralization and community are so closely linked and October saw the results of our first provably-fair vote on changes to the dividend structure – an important step that gave the EarnBet community an even greater say over the direction of the platform.

The majority approval meant that altcoin dividends would be used to buy back BET tokens and boost buy pressure and token liquidity.

The results of the first community vote can be seen on EarnBet.io/vote, with more details in the EarnBet Blog.

In the Cards for 2021…

We’re not giving away too much just yet (sorry!), but you’ve seen the teasers already. The whole team is working at full speed to bring an ace new development to life over the next few months that will form another part of the BET Gaming Network.

What we can tell you is that BET token holders are very much at the center of this new development and it promises to be an exciting and successful 2021.

You’ve got just a bit longer to wait 🙂

Big Leaderboard Promotion

We are running a large leaderboard promotion throughout January and February – we will give away $22,000 over the course of the next 8 weeks to anyone in the top 50 on the EarnBet leaderboard at the end of any week during the promotion!

Check out the prizes here!

And of course, if you haven’t already, you can stay up to date with the latest EarnBet news by following us on Twitter and joining our Telegram.


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